Photography “Photography is magic. I close my eyes and I find myself in my grandfather’s kitchen-turned-darkroom. A red bulb is glowing. I am taking a pair of pincers and cautiously put a piece of enchanted paper into the alchemic solution. This time I am doing magic all by myself. My grandfather starts the count down. As the count is done, the enchanted paper goes into a tub with another chemical solution. Blurry forms on the wet paper are beginning to gain contrast, and I am seeing black-and-red. For some these are colors of agony, but not for me. Instead, they are the hues of the true magic capable of transporting us into the precious moments of past carefully hidden behind the wet edges of the enchanted parchments.”

I am not a sorcerer…

There is a very nice old saying from the 1949′ black & white Soviet “Cinderella” film. Apart from being a beautiful creation of cinematography, this absolutely brilliant movie had coined about a dozen of great sayings which, with time, became idioms. So… there is a very nice old saying from this film: “I am not a sorcerer – I am just an apprentice.” This phrase applies very well to my photography crash. I hate manuals. I loathe the self-help books on hobbies. I turn to them only in the rare moments of quiet desperation and give up after about 10 minutes of scan-reading. I am entirely about “learning-by-doing”. I learned almost everything I do by using this method. It is not the most reliable way to learn something and certainly not the most rewarding one. But it is the one I happen to enjoy most. That’s why the quality of my pictures from time to time could use some enhancement. I just keep making excuses, since I am not intending on becoming a professional in this field, and I hope you will forgive my flaws. For me, photography is about being happy, about being amazed by the beauty of the ordinary things around us, about feeling powerful in “there-is-nothing-i-can’t-do” sort of way. It feels as if a third eye is hatching out of my forehead and suddenly the reality gains a brand new quality of absolute clarity. The fog vanishes and all three eyes of mine find themselves empowered to see deep into the world around me.

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Note on Sony

I don’t care about snobbish remarks like “Wow, great camera! … Oh… It’s a Sony… ookaay. Ain’t a Canon and a Nikon better?”.
Really, falks, what is it all about?? Sometimes they don’t even know what they are talking about. I like my Sony though, my modest co-operation of Sony and Sigma. A Nikon is awesome. And a good Canon might well be a pleasure to work with. But my heart belongs to my S. It took me quite a while till I got my small dream-team together. So herewith I proudly present:

Sony SAL50F18 DT1.8 50 mm
Sony SAL50F18 50 mm
Sony Flash HVL-F43AM
Sony HVL-F43AM
Sony Alpha 300
Sony Alpha300
Sigma Lens 28-70mm 1:2,8 EX
Sigma 28-70mm 1:2,8



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