In Search for Happiness: Some Thoughts on Intrinsic Rewards

Gaming has been an important part of my life ever since my friend Julia was given her first personal computer for her birthday. We spent hours and hours installing and playing games, which was not so easy for two profane girls taking their first steps in Norton Commander. It was still DOS-time in Ukraine back then. Later I got my own Windows-based PC, and this was the time when the real gaming fun started. I can’t remember my parents ever being against my gaming habits presumably because I was an exemplary and self-sufficient school-girl.

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In case no one reads it…

… I can really write whatever I want. There is no need to be sophisticated, self-critical, reflecting and enlightened.

But what is the point of having a blog then? Well, let’s see… Writing down the thoughts into a notebook seems a bit old-fashioned to me. Besides, I am pretty sure that my hand has lost its capacity to bend itself around a pen already several years ago. I really believe my right hand has been undergoing a process of physical transformation ever since I had started to type everything instead of good-old writing by means of actual hand & pen combination.

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90’s – fashion no-go-area!

If I can open a photo-album in order to get a feeling of a deep humiliation and bitter embarrassment for my early fashion choices back in 90s, then I certainly do not want to buy this stuff once again in the prospect of a second embarrassment years after my teenage hormones finally let go off me and I could achieve some moderate proficiency in style-issues.

No! No! No! Dear designers and retailers, 90s is an absolute fashion No-Go-AREA! It is just like a bad neighbourhood where you know also very nice people come from – you still don’t go there at night-time!

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Genius for Generation

There are so many brilliant people in this world!

Sometimes I feel grotesquely overwhelmed by a desire to read, to see, to experience, to feel, to try everything they have ever written, created, done, thought, imagined and touched. Sometimes I am afraid, and it is probably true, that I still know nothing, nothing at all. Sometimes I want to embrace our world in its entire greatness and I am so anxious that I am not worthy of it, not keen enough to perceive its ultimate brilliancy. Sometimes I think that there is just not enough time…

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