In case no one reads it…

… I can really write whatever I want. There is no need to be sophisticated, self-critical, reflecting and enlightened.

But what is the point of having a blog then? Well, let’s see… Writing down the thoughts into a notebook seems a bit old-fashioned to me. Besides, I am pretty sure that my hand has lost its capacity to bend itself around a pen already several years ago. I really believe my right hand has been undergoing a process of physical transformation ever since I had started to type everything instead of good-old writing by means of actual hand & pen combination.

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90’s – fashion no-go-area!

If I can open a photo-album in order to get a feeling of a deep humiliation and bitter embarrassment for my early fashion choices back in 90s, then I certainly do not want to buy this stuff once again in the prospect of a second embarrassment years after my teenage hormones finally let go off me and I could achieve some moderate proficiency in style-issues.

No! No! No! Dear designers and retailers, 90s is an absolute fashion No-Go-AREA! It is just like a bad neighbourhood where you know also very nice people come from – you still don’t go there at night-time!

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