Personal Projects

Facebook page to support a fundraising campaign for Tamari & Tebrole, the Siamese twins from Georgia. The original campaign with the total target of EUR 80.000 was launched by German foundation “Heart for Children”. The funds for a separation surgery of the Siamese twins, born on March 12/2015 in Kutaisi, Georgia, were collected among general population and the German foundations. The girls were connected in abdominal area and had a shared liver. In attempt to help raise awareness towards this cause and keep the donors up-to-date on the campaign’s progress I set up a Facebook page in July 2015. The page achieved 142 active followers and had a maximum post outreach of approx. 1000 FB users. The target of fundraising was met by the end of August 2015. While a huge bulk of fundraising activity was carried out by the twins’ Godmother Tamuna, FB page was aimed at helping her to spread the word. Later, Tamuna and a couple of friends were invited to co-edit the FB page. We are happy to announce that thanks to tremendous efforts by Tamuna and a circle of her friends our little T & T received their happy ending: the successful surgery was carried out at a hospital in Cologne, Germany, in September 2015. Since then, the twins have recovered completely and are now enjoying the blessing of free movement and healthy life.

Let's help Tamari & Tebrole FB page

Facebook page: “Let’s help Tamari & Tebrole”


Project California
This is a compendium of good memories, of vivid pictures
burned into our minds
by rays of gentle California sun.
It is a story of our past which yet remains so present
It is a novel and a screenplay where
WE are the sole writers, heroes, actors and critics.
Let every pixel of it remain fresh and untouched by time
In the treasury of our shared moments.