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On Art of Airbnb host-guest matchmaking

There is always an element of surprise to all travel arrangements, and, for the sake of adventure spirit, I strongly believe it should remain so. If you have never been disappointed by accommodation in your lifetime, I’d say you are… Continue Reading →

Airbnb – travel will never be the same again!

I have been a devoted Airbnb user since 2012. And it did not take long to make me a fan. Today, it seems impossible for me to unthink Airbnb from my travel experiences. As aware as I am that it… Continue Reading →

The GAME is coming to… Girona

There are just those moments when you are wondering around clueless and than you stumble upon something very special… Right in the middle of the medieval town of Girona in the Northern Catalonia we ran into a group of religious… Continue Reading →

Hamburg is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is also my first real home:

Blind ticket to… Milano!!!

It is non-negotiable that there is nothing more exciting than traveling around the world. If we agree on this fact, then with a very high probability you would also react with an eager head nod and eyes full of adventurous… Continue Reading →

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