Blind ticket to… Milano!!!

It is non-negotiable that there is nothing more exciting than traveling around the world. If we agree on this fact, then with a very high probability you would also react with an eager head nod and eyes full of adventurous joy with statement that nothing can add more spice to upcoming journey than a Blind Ticket by German Wings. In homeless-by-choice soul of a modern day adventurer a Blind Ticket brushes the dust off some raw, basic longing towards the undiscovered terrains long forgotten in days of the “last-minute-two-years-ahead” travel offers. Here is what you have to do in order to revisit your internal adventurer spirit:

– to spice the whole endeavor up a notch choose a date when all the hotels in all the cool places around the globe are packed with guests (Easter, X-mas or any other dominant group’s celebration will do);
– go to the German Wings’ website and undertake your flight booking – the adventurer kick will sweep down on you right upon the last click on the “book now” button. I recommend to use the slowest Internet connection you can find in order to prolong the “trip”. For cautious fellows among you, I’d advese to use the trick with checking the German Wings schedules for the chosen dates in order to exclude some destinations – it can spare you some money in case you feel absolutely opposed to going to some of the listed locations (each exclusion during the booking process will cost you additional EUR 5);
– spend a sleepless night before the journey in an almost suicidal attempt to find accommodation. Hostels, hotels, friend’s couches, couch-surfing and Airbnb – everything will do. You will have to be very efficient in the use of available resources: after 10 international calls, 4 h web search and dozens of emails to possible hosts you will hopefully succeed;
– Done! On the wave of exhilarating emotional instability brought up by your adventurer kick the packing-time will be under 30 min – the time left between your nighty sashay into the festive day accommodation jungle and your not-so-blind anymore flight.

Florian and I absolutely enjoyed the experience. It was exciting, spontaneous (since we booked in the hard-core last-minute style) and despite of the accommodation search hectic, really relaxing. Our blind tickets took us over the Easter weekend to Milan, where we spend three beautiful sunny days under the spectacular blue of the Italian firmament, while Hamburg was drowning under another Deluge of ghastly grey April showers. Upon the kind advice of close local friends, we subsequently went for a day trip to Como – a gorgeous location in the northern Lombardy situated on the name-sake lake. If you are in the area you absolutely have to go there: on Sundays there is a market with local foods there. Make sure you stock on all the deliciousness!


The weekend was all about taking in the seen and the tasted: great and surprisingly budget-friendly food, a bit of main-stream sightseeing including a brief sunbathing session upon the roof of the Milan Cathedral, an obligatory window-shopping aka gazing at Versace and Dolce and a night out in the Navigli District – who knew that Milan used to be as full of water channels as Venice?

Thank you, Milan! We shall come back for more – for some DaVinci (the tickets to the Santa Maria delle Grazie for a glimpse of the Last Supper were sold out – make sure to order them online at least 2 days in advance), for an evening or two with old good friends, for some sun, clear Alpine air and all other flavors of Italia.



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