90’s – fashion no-go-area!

If I can open a photo-album in order to get a feeling of a deep humiliation and bitter embarrassment for my early fashion choices back in 90s, then I certainly do not want to buy this stuff once again in the prospect of a second embarrassment years after my teenage hormones finally let go off me and I could achieve some moderate proficiency in style-issues.

No! No! No! Dear designers and retailers, 90s is an absolute fashion No-Go-AREA! It is just like a bad neighbourhood where you know also very nice people come from – you still don’t go there at night-time!

It’s been a lot of fun being a child of 1990s. I don’t want to deny it. We did not suffer from many partly self-induced luxury problems the new millennium teens are doomed to be dealing with.  We also did not have the incredible pressure the modern youth is put under by the pervasive media and the consumer society. Although all those things were increasingly present in the end of XXst century, we did not immediately felt the urge to follow the doctrine of the fashion magazines, to be on very top of the technological progress, and to become owners of every bit of the most up-to-date hardware. We had to literally walk an extra mile to have a chat with our friends, and sometimes, if they were not at home, we just walked an extra mile back home. Our “social” games were played on living-room tables and park benches or, in the very best case, at a home of a proud owner of a PC, where we queued waiting for our turn to kill some monsters or to play Tetris till the satisfying feeling of mental exhaustion.

Most of us got their first mobile phones in the very end of 1990s. Our PCs had a 256 KB cache and no Internet access. While preparing our home-work, we used books and encyclopedia and wrote down each and every word because we had no copy-machines or scanners. We made pictures with soap-dish cameras with only 24 to 36 shots to capture the precious moments we wanted to remember. Our lives were dependent on these very real, simple things. It was not the high-tech, not the exciting vastness of Internet, not the lightning speed of the e-communication that brought magic into our lives.  Our magic was simple, bound to basics. It was in our ability to enjoy ourselves without any “technical support”. Every now and then I get nostalgic for these simple times.

Now my daily private routine is split between checking my Facebook account, my three e-mail addresses and my LinkedIn, Xing and Odnoklassniki profiles. I READ my friends doing things, doing them without me, because they are far away or busy with more important stuff (like writing about the things they do without me on FB – lol :)). Please don’t get me wrong – I love social networks and I am addicted to Internet, so nothing of it is meant as an allegation. It is just an occasional longing for times when we danced for the incredibly lame Ace of Base tunes wearing those terrible tacky cropped tops, striped leggins and black choking necklaces, just hanged around together and simply felt cool (without I-phones in our pockets).

Dear designers and retailers, unfortunately even in this nostalgic moment I can not imagine myself wearing all those things yet once again. The simple coolness is gone, let it reside in our memories. And every now and then we shall open our school-time albums and feel it again in very private moments down the memory lane. Let us feel overwhelmingly happy and sweetly embarrassed.  Let the 90s fashion rest in peace in realm of our nostalgic sentiments.


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